Latest Updates

WoOoh is regularly updated, view the latest updates below.

v3.2.2 09 Augest 2021

  • [Added] Palestine to country list.

  • [Removed] dublicated nginx rules in nginx.conf, update required for nginx users.

  • [Replaced] Yahoo weather with new provider https://openweathermap.org

  • [Fixed] live video not working on firefox.

  • [Fixed] blog point issue, user will get points now after approving.

  • [Fixed] nearby shops counter.

  • [Fixed] line break issue in nodejs chat system.

  • [Fixed] refund page wasn't apearing.

  • [Fixed] add movies page in admin, sometimes it looks broken.

  • [Fixed] bank details wasn't getting updated in admin panel.

  • [Fixed] issues in desgin.

  • [Fixed] video post on MySQL 8 and PHP 8.

  • [Fixed] more minor bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

v3.2.1 28 June 2021

  • [Added] delete account E-mail to Manage Emails in admin panel.

  • [Re-orginzed] admin panel links, content, texts and created auto save system.

  • [Fixed] seen issue on nodejs.

  • [Fixed] FTP support on nodejs.

  • [Fixed] "View X Posts" on newsfeed (NodeJS).

  • [Fixed] 2 security issues (important).

  • [Fixed] double points when posting multi images.

  • [Fixed] 500 Error when accessing a page without being logged in.

  • [Fixed] URL fetcher, it wasn't fetching URLs from WoWonder blogs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

v3.2 8 June 2021

  • [Added] ability to edit and translate emails from admin panel, under Tools > Manage E-mails.

  • [Added] expire time for reset password links, 12 hours.

  • [Added] FFMPEG for video conversation + thumbnail generation + debug ffmpeg feature from admin panel + up to 4K video support, (Enable / Disable).

  • [Added] auto username generator, for new user registration users are not required to write their username. (Enable / Disable)

  • [Added] new APIs, more than 40+.

  • [Added] reactions for messages, (ajax / nodejs).

  • [Added] reply system for messages, (ajax / nodejs).

  • [Added] reactions system for stories.

  • [Added] reply system for stories.

  • [Added] gifs + stickers to comment system.

  • [Added] gifs + stickers to reply system.

  • [Added] video chat by Agora.

  • [Added] terms of use checkbox to contact us page.

  • [Added] the ability to delete poll answers while creating one.

  • [Added] login with Mailru, Discord, WeChat and QQ.

  • [Added] ability to delete selected user's messages, stories, posts, articles, and notifications from admin panel.

  • [RE-ADDED] script version in admin panel sidebar.

  • [Updated] twilio video chat system.

  • [Updated] message seen systemn (NodeJS).

  • [Fixed] 80+ reported bugs and improvments.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

v3.1.3 12 April 2021

  • [Added] real-time notification system.

  • [Improved] server load & site speed.

  • [Removed] All PHP ajax intervals, requests, and loops from clinet end (if nodejs enabled) and replaced to realtime web socket.

  • [Fixed] 3+ reported bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

v3.1.2 28 March 2021

  • [Added] support for PHP 8.0+ and MySQL 8.0

  • [Added] new ajax load system for admin panel, now admin panel pages are loaded thru ajax.

  • [Updated] nodejs chat system, now users can see typing action on messages user list, real time avatar update, name, and status.

  • [Updated] S3 / Spaces libraries.

  • [Improved] speed on PHP 8.0

  • [Fixed] 20+ reported bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

v3.1.1 05 March 2021

  • [Fixed] 10+ reported bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

v3.1 04 March 2021

  • [Added] new messaging system powered by NodeJS and websockets, now chat are faster, real time, and smoother.

  • [Added] new admin panel v2, with many options.

  • [Added] new timestamp system, e.g (1 mintue ago -> 1 m, 2 hours ago -> 2 hrs, 1 month ago -> 4 w, 1 year ago -> 1 y)

  • [Added] new notifications for admin panel, now you'll get notificed for any new bank payments, verfication requests and more.

  • [Added] night mode to admin panel.

  • [Improved] security. [Important]

  • [Fixed] 60+ reported bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

v3.0.3 08 July 2020

  • [Added] ability to embed posts from TikTok, Twitter, and MP4 links.

  • [Improved] security. [Important]

  • [Fixed] 10+ reported bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

v3.0.3 08 July 2020

  • [Added] ability to choose camera on live streaming.

  • [Added] thumbnail for live streaming videos.

  • [Added] female avatar for female users.

  • [Added] Few more APIs. (payment methods)

  • [Fixed] 20+ reported bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

26 May 2020

  • [Added] Agora Live Streaming.

  • [Added] Few more APIs.

  • [Fixed] 40+ reported bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

  • [Improved] Load speed.

18 April 2020

  • [Fixed] 10+ bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

16 April 2020 [Ultimate]

  • [Added] the ability to edit/add/disable post reactions.

  • [Added] memories system, user can view his memories on this day.

  • [Added] live stream for posts [enable/disable] (third party sites).

  • [Added] page analytics, view latest likes per week, month, year, and today.

  • [Added] group analytics, view latest joins per week, month, year, and today.

  • [Added] blog post notifications, get a notification when someone comments on your blog post.

  • [Added] forum notifications, get a notification when someone comments on your forum thread.

  • [Added] the ability to require membership on sign up, [enable/disable]

  • [Added] sub categories for pages, groups and marketplace.

  • [Added] custom fields for pages, groups and marketplace.

  • [Added] remaining pro membership days announcement.

  • [Added] recurring payments for pro system.

  • [Added] the ability for only pro users could upload [enable/disable].

  • [Added] the ability for only pro users could make calls [enable/disable]

  • [Added] blog posts review/approval system.

  • [Added] the ability to request refund for pro package [enable/disable]

  • [Added] refund policy page.

  • [Added] paystack, razorpay, paysera and cashfree payment methods.

  • [Added] page to show shops/businesses nearby.

  • [Added] offer system for pages.

  • [Added] password complexity system on register page.

  • [Added] prevent brutforce on login system, limit failed login per min.

  • [Added] the ability for users to be able to post in the pages. [enable/disable]

  • [Added] the ability for pages and groups owners could add moderators with certain privileges.

  • [Added] google cloud for storage.

  • [Added] bank account withdrawal method, user can send his bank info to admin and admin can review then approve.

  • [Added] email mock system. send email for users who didn't login for X time.

  • [Added] the ability to add games from other sites, not just miniclip.

  • [Added] the ability to get notified when user posts new post.

  • [Added] ads within and inside articles.

  • [Added] the ability for users to generate invite links.

  • [Added] shout box, post anonymously.

  • [Added] the ability to get notified when a friend posts a new post.

  • [Fixed] 50+ bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

  • [Fixed] Important security issues.

7 Jan 2020 [Important]

  • [Added] click button to comment and reply.

  • [Fixed] bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

  • [Fixed] Important security issues.

17 Dec 2019 [Important]

  • [Added] view joined groups and liked pages from one page.

  • [Added] the ability to attache photos in commment replies.

  • [Added] missing files from v2.5

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

16 Dec 2019 [Script improvments update]

  • [Added] the ability logout from all sessions.

  • [Added] the ability to approve or decline a post, enable / disable.

  • [Added] new APIs.

  • [Added] auto like for pages and auto join for groups.

  • [Updated] PHP libaries.

  • [Updated] Google login API.

  • [Improved] default theme desgin.

  • [Improved] speed.

  • [Improved] english in some parts.

  • [Fixed] 100+ reported bugs and issues.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

01 Sep 2019

  • [Added] the ability to send messages to pages.

  • [Added] the ability to accept or decline a group chat invitation.

  • [Added] job system, users can now create jobs and hire.

  • [Added] weather plugin to sidebar.

  • [Added] common things page, now you can find users that matches your information.

  • [Added] funding system, users can create funds, and get paid.

  • [Added] new APIs.

  • [Fixed] 20+ reported bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

  • [Improved] speed.

11 July 2019

  • [Added] few new APIs to v2.

  • [Fixed] 20+ reported bugs.

  • [Fixed] bugs in API.

  • [Improved] script stabilitiy for v2.4

  • [Improved] speed.

20 June 2019

  • [Fixed] 20+ reported bugs.

  • [Improved] speed.

2 June 2019

  • [Fixed] 10+ reported bugs.

  • [Fixed] security issue.

30 May 2019

  • [Added] Manage currencies from admin panel, add any currency, remove, delete, one currency for all, pro, ads and market.

  • [Added] the ability to comment on albums, and multi images.

  • [Added] filter comments, top and latest.

  • [Added] the ability to make forums, marketplace and events public and reachable by google.

  • [Added] the ability to enable / disable PayPal payment method.

  • [Added] the ability to disable a language without deleting it.

  • [Added] the ability to enable / disable pokes, and "good monring" message.

  • [Added] the ability for users to make comment on post before sharing it.

  • [Added] the ability to block a domain from email while siging up, example, blocking @gmail.com

  • [Added] embeded product style to messages.

  • [Added] colored posts, with the ability to manage, add, remove and edit them.

  • [Added] 2Checkout payment method.

  • [Added] search on admin panel.

  • [Changed] password hash from sha1 to password_hash encryption.

  • [Improved] ajax speed by reducing requests.php file size and seperating the requests.

  • [Fixed] 20+ reported bugs.

  • [Fixed] API issues.

  • [Fixed] security issue.

12 April 2019

  • [Added] deepsound embed feature, now you can embed the player from deepsound to wowonder.

  • [Fixed] 20+ reported bugs.

  • [Fixed] security issue.

6 April 2019

  • [Added] support for PHP 7.3+

  • [Fixed] 30+ reported bugs.

1 April 2019

  • [Added] The ability to add and manage genders from admin panel.

  • [Added] The ability to earn points by creating blogs.

  • [Added] points daily limit for pro and free users.

  • [Added] The ability to edit group chat info and avatar.

  • [Added] The ability to turn off messages from friends or everyone.

  • [Added] the ability to filter porn and nude pictures using Google Vision API.

  • [Added] user will require to verfiy his email if he changed is from settings page, if email verfication is enabled.

  • [Added] new sharing system, with new style and the abiltiy to share to timeline, group and pages.

  • [Added] the ability to manage pro packages name, icon, features, prices, and disable which one of them

  • [Added] the ability to manage pages, groups, products and blog categories from admin panel > manage features + seperated.

  • [Added] the ability to view the reactions, likes, dislikes on comments and replies.

  • [Added] the ability to view reactions, likes of posts on new model.

  • [Added] bank payments for wallet and pro.

  • [Added] group chat API, albums API, Pokes API and few other APIs.

  • [Added] group chat notifications.

  • [Added] the ability to delete a user posts by one click from admin panel.

  • [Added] recaptcha to contact us from.

  • [Added] new message page desgin for default theme.

  • [Fixed] few important bugs.

  • [Fixed] secuity threat, URGENT an update is required.

29 January 2019

  • [Added] Download my information, user can download personal info, pages, groups, posts and friends.

  • [Fixed] few important bugs.

20 January 2019

  • [Added] new theme, "sunshine".

  • [Added] new story system for both themes.

  • [Added] filter system on marketplace, on the new theme.

  • [Added] hashtag posts count, on new theme.

  • [Fixed] few bugs.

30th Octobar 2018

  • [Fixed] few important bugs in wallet system and other major bugs.

16th Octobar 2018

  • [Added] confirmation system when user login from new location.

  • [Added] two-factor authentication system using email or phone.

  • [Fixed] few bugs.

9th Octobar 2018

  • [Added] new video player.

  • [Added] the ability to disable / enable google maps.

  • [Added] the ability for admin to top up any user wallet.

  • [Added] IP to session manager.

  • [Added] the ability to disable / enable comments on each post.

  • [Fixed] 9 reported bugs.

5th Octobar 2018

  • [Fixed] 11 reported bugs.

  • [Improved] Script speed.

  • [Fixed] important security vulnerability.

30th Sep 2018

  • [Added] digitalocean spaces storage.

  • [Added] poke system.

  • [Added] reaction system (Like, Haha, wow, angry, love).

  • [Added] gift system, users can send each other gifts.

  • [Added] statics and charts to daily ads views / clicks.

  • [Added] Infobip to SMS providers.

  • [Added] stripe to wallet system like on go pro page.

  • [Added] password recovery by phone number.

  • [Added] estimated user reach on create ads page.

  • [Added] bitcoin (coinpayments) payment method for ads and pro system.

  • [Added] Payment Transactions history for wallet topups and pro system, with the ability to turn this feature on or off.

  • [Added] the option to change the phone number from settings page.

  • [Added] popular posts page.

  • [Added] photos & videos sections to profile.

  • [Added] End video chat button.

  • [Added] ability to use percentage in the affiliate system.

  • [Added] telegram to share options.

  • [Added] admin can disable and enable social share links.

  • [Added] more emojies.

  • [Added] shortkey for posts, clicking "j" to scroll to next post.

  • [Added] points system, user can earn points for posts, comments, likes, dislikes, wonders, and reactions. (User can spend points on pro or ads, or he can requst them as dollars).

  • [Added] stickers to chat and messages.

  • [Added] rotate system for images.

  • [Added] Manage developer applications from admin panel.

  • [Added] Report comment to admin.

  • [Added] Advanced search system for custom fields.

  • [Added] Added filter by age, and verfied to the search system.

  • [Added] suggested groups / pages in my groups and my pages.

  • [Added] search system in blog.

  • [Added] auto friend system (Auto follow / friend with new registred users).

  • [Added] the ability to view mutual friends from the profile (friends system).

  • [Added] the ability to know who viewed your stories via notifications.

  • [Added] ReCaptcha check to forgot password form (secuirty).

  • [Added] blog comment notifications.

  • [Added] Email notification when the user's account was deleted.

  • [Added] a warning message before unfriending someone.

  • [Added] session manager (users can view / manage browser / platforms where they are logged in).

  • [Added] notification management system (Users can choose what kind of notifications they want to get).

  • [Added] the ability to add followers to a specific user using IDs, in Admin > Users (Enabled just in follow system).

  • [Added] blacklist system, admin can blacklist emails, usernames, and IP addresses.

  • [Added] activities system, user can view his own activities from his profile (like, dislike, react, wonder, comment, reply, follow, friends).

  • [Added] the ability for a user to choose if their profile should be found/indexed by search engines.

  • [Improved] load speed.

  • [Compressed] JS files to few less files.

  • [Fixed] bugs on API.

  • [Fixed] major bugs in the script. (+10)

  • [Fixed] 3 security issues.

27th Jun 2018

  • [Added] New welcome page for the default theme.

  • [Added] Wasabi storage support.

  • [Upgraded] PHPMailer to v6.

  • Fixed 10+ reported bugs.

13th Jun 2018

  • [Added] Day status to default theme (good morning etc).

  • [Improved] wonderful theme desgin and forms.

  • [Improved] publisher box stability.

  • [Removed] Weather plugin from wonderful theme due copyright issues.

  • Fixed 10+ reported bugs.

27th May 2018

  • [Added] FTP client server to store files, images, videos on other servers.

  • [Added] GDPR compliance (cookie frame, checkboxes, privacy policy)

  • [Added] full new APIv2 + docs.

  • [Added] the ability to edit movies from admin panel.

  • [Added] the abilty to post mobile emojies on posts, comments, and messages.

  • [Added] Auto delete system for users and posts that are longer than X date.

  • [Added] Crop system for user avatar.

  • Translated all page's titles.

  • Improved load post speed on wonderful theme.

  • Fixed 3 security issues.

  • Fixed 50+ reported bugs.

17th April 2018

  • Added two keys for OneSignal.

  • Added video call API for mobile applications.

  • Improved the cache system for user data.

  • Fixed all reported bugs.

6th April 2018

  • Improved content load and server load 50% faster.

  • Fixed all reported bugs.

29th March 2018

  • Fixed facebook / google login issues.

20th March 2018

  • Added new theme (default).

  • Fixed issues & high security vulnerability.

30th January 2018 (Important update!)

  • Fixed issues & high security vulnerability.

4th January 2018

  • Added Indian currency.

  • Added new API for movies, stories.

  • Fixed 7+ important reported bugs.

  • Script stability checkout.

22th December 2017

  • Added Cache-Control to Amazon hosted files.

  • Fixed 5+ important reported bugs.

13th December 2017

  • Added the ability for users to send money to each other using their wallet balance.

  • Added Email messages notification for offline users.

  • Added the ability to import images from links in post system.

  • Added profile percentage system. (Fill your profile details for new users).

  • Added new pagination system with a search feature to admin panel (Users, Pages, Groups, Posts).

  • Added new ads placed in the ads system (Users can create ads on videos posts).

  • Added Iframe support for the forum Editor.

  • Added share to wowonder button to blogs.

  • Added the ability for users to choose a default thumb when uploading a video in publisher box.

  • Added playtube video player integration.

  • Changed video player to mediaelement.js

  • Expired events will be deleted automatically.

  • Hid admin details in mass notification system and replaced it with site favicon/name.

  • Changed the blog system design.

  • Fixed 7+ reported bugs.

15th November 2017

  • Added more regions to Amazon S3.

  • Added explore link to left sidebar.

  • Fixed 15+ reported bugs.

21th October 2017

  • Added custom currency for the ads system.

  • Added web push notifications.

  • Added custom CSS / JS code to admin panel.

  • Fixed 10+ reported bugs.

1st October 2017

  • Added new powerful admin panel.

  • Added push notification system for all site notifications.

  • Added the abiltiy to disable wonder/dislike buttons.

  • Added new API files, find friends, events, stories create groups pages and events.

  • Added support for Opera mini and UC browsers.

  • Fixed 15+ reported bugs.

4th September 2017

  • Added privacy option for users “Share my location with public?”.

  • Added friends stories to home page.

  • User now can view his own ads.

  • Added the option to upload images to blog system.

  • Added multi currency in classified.

  • Added video chat API for the windows application.