Music WoWonde

*upload music *create collection *add music to collection *delete collection *edit songs.


*upload music *create collection *add music to collection *delete collection *edit songs.


Allows uploading multiple files.

Track details (artist name, track name, album name and cover) can be edited if are not available in track’s tags.

The tracks can be sorted.

The recommended section appears just in your own collections.

Update the history order of each played song.

The users are automatically notified when new songs are avalaible in their collections.

Enabled background playing mode.

The radio stations are created by all genres of music.

The search is improved with suggestions.

Allows touchscreen for mobile version.

The navigation is enhanced with history pushstate so that it provides easy access to previous pages.

Can repeat the whole playlist or just a song.

Shuffle – Turn on / off.

The user can identfy the current playing song by one click on the “Now playing” button.

Loading more songs on scroll event.

Live search in friends list.



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