How to protect yourself and loved ones from the new coronavirus infection

During the coronavirus pandemic, certain measures and rules should be followed in order to protect yourself, loved ones and relatives.

During the coronavirus pandemic, certain measures and rules should be followed in order to protect yourself, loved ones and relatives. Everything you need to know about this infection, methods of prevention and much more, you will learn in our material. 



What should you do to avoid getting infected ?


Of course, you must first of all follow simple rules. 

First, practice good hand hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly within 20 seconds after visiting public places and the toilet. Then dry your hands with a disposable paper towel. Carry liquid antiseptics or antiseptic wipes with you to keep your hands clean at all times. If there is a virus on the surface of your hands, rubbing your hands with an alcohol-based product or washing them with soap will kill it.

Second, at work and at home, regularly clean and disinfect surfaces and devices that you touch (computer or laptop keyboard, smartphone screen, remotes, switches, and doorknobs).

Thirdly, observe the self-isolation regime. If there is an opportunity to switch to a remote mode of operation, then use it. Limit meetings with friends, relatives, neighbors, do not use public transport, if possible, change to a private car or taxi. 

Fourth, maintain a social distance of 1.5-2 meters, wear medical masks in public places.

Fifth, try not to touch your mouth, nose or eyes with unwashed hands.

Sixth, carry disposable tissues with you and always cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze.

Seventh, ventilate the rooms often.

Eighth, explain to the children how germs are spread and why good hand and face hygiene is important. Tell your children about coronavirus prevention.


About masks


First of all, medical masks should be worn by those who have cold symptoms and those who provide medical care and care to those who are sick. Healthy people wear masks when visiting public places and public transport. Do not forget that the effectiveness of it will be high only in combination with other methods of prevention.


The mask should be changed after two to three hours of constant use. Disposable medical masks cannot be re-worn or reprocessed. Reusable masks can only be reused after processing: they need to be washed with soap or detergent, then treated with a steam generator or an iron with steam function.


What to do in case of flu, SARS, coronavirus infection ?


Symptoms in most cases appear within 14 days after contact with an infectious patient. People of all ages can get the virus. The severity of the disease depends on individual factors. However, people over 65, as well as citizens with weakened immune systems and chronic diseases, are advised to be the most careful and attentive to their health. 

Children and grandchildren of elderly people need to take care of the older generation, bring food, medicine, observing all precautions, without contacting them.


If you find symptoms similar to those caused by the coronavirus, stay at home and call your doctor.


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